Social Media is about speaking directly to your customer

Social Networks are incredible tools when it comes to knowing your client and getting them interested in your product or services.

It also is the quickest way to respond to them when they raise questions or concerns.

In an age where every generation uses social media, it is a communication channel that must be managed. Unfortunately, most companies hate the idea of having one of their employee spending his day on Facebook, twitter or Instagram.

However, this denial of the importance of social media and more generally social conversation can be detrimental to the company.

Never leave your customers comments unanswered they will hate you for that

If you have social media accounts linked to your company you should not leave them empty and you should always answer the comments, otherwise your company may be perceived as being careless about the wellbeing of its customers.

Remember, a client who is unhappy will share it and can very severely damage your brand image as well as the perception that potential new clients may have about you.

With Europa DSI, you ensure yourself that your customers will not be left alone and that your community will always be fed with new subjects. We can also organise small opinion polls for you to measure your impact in the mind of your customers.

Social Media

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