Wednesday 25 July 2018

It is an incommensurable pleasure to us for us to receive CV Magazine’s award for the “Most Client-Focused Multinational SEO Provider 2018” as part of the Corporate Excellence Awards

A few days ago, we have been informed by Corporate Vision Magazine that we were granted this award.

This demonstrates the dedication of our team to our customers and the focus we have on delivering the best possible value to them

Our founder said:

This award demonstrates that business should not be done exclusively for money but, for the customer. Money is one thing, the customer is EVERYTHING. Earning money is not an issue, earning your clients’ trust is everything you should focus on.

This award is the proof that you do not need to focus on profit but on the quality of service you provide.

Our job is beyond servicing people it is about caring for them and their businesses.

CV Magazine Award to Europa DSI

We were once laughed at for refusing to take on board a customer with a large budget as we did not believe in his project and his ambitions. But, in the end, we can see that it was worth it…

Promoting a business or a service you do not believe in is the biggest mistake one can do as it creates more frustration than accomplishments.

We would like to thank the whole team at CV Magazine for recognising our efforts in trying to impulse a new dynamic within the industry and invite everyone to get in touch with us.


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